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Threat Protection

Despite steeply increased spending on cyber security, data breaches continue to occur with alarming frequency. Cyber criminals easily bypass traditional security technology to steal customer funds and credit card data, intellectual property, and other confidential business information.

LineSpeed can provide you with an Active Threat Protection Solution that extends and improves the defenses most companies already have in place.

Active Threat Protection operates in real time, going deeper to detect threatening behaviors that traditional cyber security products miss because they don’t look for them. This provides more comprehensive protection than solutions that rely on system and device logs to aggregate security event information after-the-fact.

Intelligently interpret events, sifting true attacks from false alerts and providing advanced tools that make event information immediately actionable. This differs from security systems that simply create a flood of alerts, leaving it to the user to figure out which ones need deeper investigation.

Active Intervention
Certified security specialists monitor clients’ networks on a 24x7x365 basis, leveraging Active Forensics to identify and resolve security issues before they cause irreparable harm. Unlike legacy Managed Security Services Providers, we don’t just notify of security issues — we actively assist in resolving them and stay on the line until systems are restored to normal. 

Cyber security is challenging because the threat landscape is constantly changing. That’s why solutions built to face outward and detect yesterday’s threats are not equipped to handle today’s new, previously unknown attacks.

Active Threat Protection works. Many companies that are high value targets of cyber criminals rely on it. We protect them — we can protect your company too.

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