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Seasoned Professionals

At LineSpeed we have over 35 years of experience in the PBX/Hosted Phone arena. We have been implementing solutions since 1981 and have witnessed, first-hand, the evolution of voicemail, auto-attendant, call-center applications and unified communications.

Due to changes in IP networks, cloud computing technology, and virtualization, the telecommunications landscape has dramatically changed. IP networks have achieved dominance as the preferred method of voice transmission, shifting the debate from traditional voice solutions to competing IP service delivery models. The question today is whether On-Premises or Cloud-based solutions best serve the modern organization’s Unified Communications needs. Key advantages in cost and management make a strong argument for the Cloud.


Voice applications delivered via the Cloud provide the advanced enterprise-level features and reliability available with On-Premises PBX systems, without their high cost and expensive maintenance requirements. In addition, the Cloud offers the ability to easily unify all office sites, scale gracefully with organizational growth, and provide customized solutions to fit complex needs. The Cloud service provider owns and maintains all necessary equipment, and service is delivered via public or private WAN connections.

Lower cost is the principal benefit of choosing a Cloud voice solution, with greater reliability and enhanced productivity close behind.

Cloud Phone Specialists

There are myriad providers of Hosted (Cloud based) phone services available today with a wide range of features and pricing schedules. LineSpeed can help you to choose the service that fits your organization.

But well beyond initial choice and installation LineSpeed is your frontline service provider. Unlike the others, we will not simply tell you to “call your provider”. We will:

• Work with you diligently to develop a
  customized dial-plan that fits your organization
• Be highly available and responsive to your
  evolving needs
• Provide US-based 24x7 service
• Maintain an ongoing relationship with your
  organization to ensure system programming
  stays current
• Interface with you directly to discuss and
  implement changes, or address any service

Contact LineSpeed today to discuss how the benefits of Cloud Phone Technology might help your organization perform more efficiently.

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