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Technology and Telecom Management

Knowing what you are spending on your technology is vital to keeping your business in the black. At LineSpeed Consulting LLC, we provide the most comprehensive telecom expense management, so you know where your money is going, and how to save $$ and improve performance.

Telecomm Expense Management

From our initial analysis of your current services, billing audits, and plan compliance we form a picture of how your system is set up. From your pricing aspects to how your billing is done, we ensure you are on the right plan, find the best deals, and help you negotiate the best terms.

Meeting - Telecom Expense Management

Meaningful Redundancy

Not only do we audit and analyze your billing system, we also check the configuration of your network and asses redundancy, business continuity, and disaster recovery. These elements are essential in your network, and where they are missing, we build them in.

Savings that Add Up

Most companies are spending more than is necessary because they are not engaging their carrier on a regular basis. Your provider will not tell you about plans and promotions that save you money unless you know what to ask for. We help you find the best deals and terms, and discover where you are exposed to disaster, and help you protect yourself.

Telecom Systems
Traditional PBX?  IP-Based phone system? Hosted or Virtual phone system? At LineSpeed we have no allegiance to any particular platform or manufacturer. Our allegiance is to you, the customer.
We will guide you through the maze of offerings from the myriad of options available today. Providing you with a custom fitted Telecom solution that not only suits your budget, but integrates with your overall business plan and existing technology investments.

Vendor Management
LineSpeed will not only manage specific projects and implementations, we will manage the vendor relationships long after the contract and sale. Our goal is to continually provide you with the experience and expertise required to bring about the expected benefit from your technology investment. Cost effectiveness and reliable performance.

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