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For the most comprehensive and affordable network configuration and set up of your circuit redundancy system, contact LineSpeed Consulting LLC. Our years of experience give us the ability to ensure your business runs at the highest capacity possible.


Cloud Migration: Building The Path

As you migrate applications and storage to the Cloud, you also increase your dependence on bandwidth capacity as well as availability. Your Path to the Cloud is as mission critical as the applications and data that reside there. Here are some important steps to consider:

  1. Review and assess your current internet circuit(s) for through-put, "actual" speeds, history of availability, contract terms, SLA's and active management and monitoring.
  2. Determine the maximum number of simultaneous users and obtain guidelines from your "as a service" providers to help with estimated bandwidth requirements. This is especially important for any voice applications such as Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks. Then give yourself a 20% buffer for spikes and modest growth.
  3. Closely examine the capabilities of your existing network equipment and firmware revision levels. What is the capacity of your network infrastructure as it exists today? How many circuits can you interface with? What types of signaling are compatible? What are the upgrade costs?
  4. Incorporate some redundancy. Circuits go down, and sometimes they take hours (days?!) to be restored. This does not have to be a bullet-proof plan (in most cases) that provides the same level of service and through-put as the primary circuit, but there needs to be some type of failover or people will not be able to work effectively during service interruptions. A dual purpose of this secondary circuit could be for your guest WiFi.
  5. Meet with your current carrier(s) to review your current plan and find out what options are available. What services do they have that allow you to increase bandwidth incrementally as demand increases? Do they have a failover plan on separate facilities? Find out what your options are within your current contract terms. You might not have to reinvent the wheel.
  6. Monitor usage on a regular basis and stay ahead. Bandwidth creep can be insidious, and go unnoticed until you hit a tipping point when users suddenly realize response rates have become tedious and frustration levels rise. Trying to implement a solution from scratch at this point could take weeks. Have a plan.
Dependence on Cloud applications and storage will most likely increase for most organizations. Make sure you have a robust Path to get there.

Network Configuration

From disaster recovery to a business continuity plan, we address and configure your network to avoid any performance issues. We ensure you get reliable and quality throughputs on your circuit, and a slow circuit isn't inhibiting your productivity.

If your office needs to be connected to another office, we ensure that connection is fast and reliable. Static or jitter in your network configuration increases the odds that communication will go down.

Working with you, we review your carriers and any services your circuits are currently providing, how much you are being charged, and what your terms of contract are. We also work with your IT people to learn about your redundancy or failover systems. When one circuit fails, we have another router configured to failover to the other circuit.

Circuit Redundancy Set Up

When problems occur in your system, it's critical that you have a circuit redundancy system in place to protect you. Essentially, this acts as a fallback carrier, to allow you to keep working. This process is vital to having uninterrupted productivity.

Imagine your primary circuit's fibers are cut. Because another company, at a separate facility, provides your backup circuit you always have that safety net.

Circuit Redundancy: Don’t wait for an outage

Your organization relies on stable internet access more than you realize. All it takes it one service outage to drive this point home, but leaving your organization exposed for any length of time is a bad idea.

Loss of internet access is no longer just an inconvenience. It will cripple productivity and frustrate your customers as well as employees. Don't wait until there is an angry mob at your door with pitch forks and torches. Plan for service interruptions and failure NOW.

For small organizations, this can be as simple as adding a Cable TV circuit which will often include a wireless router. Reserve this internet access as a "guest" wifi network, so visitors to your office can have an easy to connect without introducing additional traffic to your primary network. Then if your primary circuit does go out, users can jump on the "guest" network and at least get some work done until the primary circuit is restored.

Automated failover to redundant circuits is more appropriate for larger organizations, but can be tricky to configure, and may also require additional equipment and/or licensing depending on the network architecture. However, the seamless continuity provided will make your users blissfully ignorant to downed primary circuits.

Talk to LineSpeed and discuss this topic in more detail, but do not wait until you have an access crisis on your hands. Outages often have poor timing with respect to your deadlines and workflow.

Contact us to learn more about our network configuration and circuit redundancy options for your business.